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An easy to use Windows grep software.

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EasyGrep is a basic Windows grep tool designed to be fast and easy to use. You can use EasyGrep to find a text or regex string within any text based file stored on your computer.

EasyGrep is still under development. See below for the planned feature list.

v0.2 Coming Soon!

Features Include:
- Built-in tabbed text editor with full syntax highlighting
- File masking (eg. Only search files with *.html in the filename)
- Save settings
- General interface improvements
- Progress bar / Time remaining
- Code signed (No more warnings from Windows!)

Please send your feature requests to contact@easygrep.com

EasyGrep v0.1 (exe) (zip) (203KB)

Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1

Last updated 05/03/2019